Simple and effective management over the ordering process

The School Ordering System (SOS) is the ultimate solution to streamline the ordering process that meets audit requirements whilst saving time and money. SOS is tailored to support each schools needs. It includes modules such as Budgets, OH&S, Reporting and more.

Timetabling (CTT) is our automated solution to effortlessly schedule student classes. Administrative Planning Time blocks are allocated simultaneously for relevant staff. Let CCT do the work for you.


Cloud Hosted

Access eSchools online and create, approve orders, anytime, anywhere.

Multiple Devices

Access eSchools on any device as long as it has an active internet connection.


See key information at a quick glance such as current spending, department budgets and more.

Order Hierarchy

Orders conform to a hierarchy avoiding unauthorised purchases from being made through the approval system.

Safe Storage

You can be rest assured that all data is stored, encrypted and hosted within Australia with strict protocols surrounding the protection of our users data.

Auto Save

With eSchools your work is automatically saved meaning less time is spent redoing unsaved work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple devices with eSchools?

By design, eSchools was created as a web application. This allows for any device with an active internet connection to access eSchools at anytime and anywhere at the users convenience.

How often is my work saved?

After completing each page eSchools automatically saves your work to our secure server making it easier to get your work done without worrying about manually saving your work.

What happens if I forget my password?

We provide a password reset link which at anytime a user can request to reset their password providing the security criteria is met. If unsuccessful the Business Manager is able to verify and send a reset link to allow users to regain access to their account.

Is the eSchools software one size fits all?

The School Ordering System (SOS) has configuration options available to allow schools to modify features and procedures throughout the order process.


Get started with eSchools now!

Many schools are using SOS as their ordering system. Let us help you to make ordering simple, efficient and secure.